Back in the late 90’s, I got together with Steve Johnson to create Season27.

We had a plan to make a Season of Audio Doctor Who stories and release them for free on CD – we took our inspiration from the old Audio Visuals tapes (the ones that led to Big Finish)  – I wrote the scripts and did a bit of acting – Steve played the Doctor and we got a bunch of our friends and partners over to my place to drink too much, eat a lot and record three stories. Alistair Lock, Mark Dovonan, Tim (no Relation) Saward, Gareth (Nicest man in Doctor Who Fandom) Preston and others also gave up their time to indulge Steve and I in our fannish ways.

Steve did the brilliant music and he and I had huge fun making sound effects at his house in Braintree.

However, the quality of these three productions was such that they led directly to Steve and I being able to use them as calling cards to get our first pro work.

Westlake Films (whose website and films are well worth a look) are kindly hosting mp3s of those three stories. The Profit of Doom, The House of Pain and the The Stockbridge Terror.

You’ll find them here –

Go have a listen. Go on.


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