Writerdog, songslut, filmfilth and TVwhore. I write scripts for TV and books to kill trees with. I wrote ‘The Book of the Still’. I eat your media. Feed me.

This blog is a first for me. I don’t like blogs, but apparently, I’m told, by a man with a Hoxton Fin and a Man-Bag, that it might be a good way to promote **BrandEBBS** I have books and stuff coming out. I’ll be doing stuff about it on here. Probably.

So, tuck your checked shirt into your skinny jeans and prepare to have your moisturised Man-Face ripped off.

I’ve written for Doctor Who, EastEnders, Casualty, The Bill, Doctors, Dead Ringers, Big Finish, BBV, Hothouse and Season27. My son has threatened to stop following me if I, and I quote, “Don’t stop chatting shit on Twitter.”

Follow me on Twitter @PaulEbbs – you have been warned, not for the easily offended.

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